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Your first 90 days in Engineering Leadership

What to focus on during the first few months as an Engineering Manager when joining a new team or organisation

Updated on 2022-08-05

Engineering Leadership Resources

Links to resources and writing by others on the engineering leadership journey

Updated on 2022-08-08
Experimenting with CSS Variables and prefers-color-scheme media query

Adding automatic dark mode to a website

Implementing dark mode in a website using css variables and prefers-color-scheme media query

Posted on 2022-03-27
Rich contenct previewing with open graph tags

Eleventy social sharing cards

Adding meta tags to eleventy theme to provide open graph social sharing cards functionality

Posted on 2022-03-23
Eleventy theme with dark and light modes

Rebuilding with Eleventy

Rebuilding this personal site with a new static site generator

Posted on 2022-02-28
Mockup design for displaying recorded achievements

Building a sample application with Svelte

Using Svelte to build a sample data capture and review application

Posted on 2022-02-20
Terminal application generating and solving a sudoku puzzle

Learning rust, generating and solving sudoku puzzles

Working with Rust to generate and solve sudoku puzzles

Posted on 2021-11-21
Philip standing beside a presentation titled 'The Other Stuff'

Siligong Javascript presentation

Presenting the other stuff that you need to consider when working as a Javascript Developer

Posted on 2020-02-06

Step Generator NPM Package

Generating a sequence of numbers

Posted on 2018-01-19
Table displaying editable rows of content

Create, Read, Update, Delete

Simple JavaScript library to manage JSON objects via CRUD api

Posted on 2016-07-29
Building Modern Web Apps

Building Modern Web Apps

A quick dive into the process of building a web application from scratch using Sencha’s EXT JS 6 SDK.

Posted on 2016-07-19

Getting started with Test Driven Development

Explore the ideas of Test Driven Development and how it assists testing and code coverage

Posted on 2016-07-13
Sencha Headquarters

One Month of Working Remotely

My first experience of working remotely

Posted on 2016-06-24
Bucketed iOS Screenshots

Xamarin cross platform bucket list application

A cross platform mobile application developed using Xamarin and

Posted on 2016-02-08
Todo app running on android phone displaying a selfie

Cordova Cross-Platform Todo App Development

Development and deploy cross-platform Tasks app with camera integration and offline storage

Posted on 2015-12-14
SydCSS Logo

SydCSS 2015

Where I visit Canva headquarters and hear talks from smart people

Posted on 2015-10-28


Failing to build anything useful with the Arduino

Posted on 2012-05-30

Quitting RSS

Remember when every site had an RSS feed?

Updated on 2012-02-10

Spelling in Vi

Adding spelling support to my vi configuration

Posted on 2012-01-27

Windows Phone 7

Exploring the Windows Phone in 2012