Former software engineer, current engineering manager. Interested in how things work; breaking things and fixing things.

Located in Wollongong, Australia.

Floating Point Arithmetic and Why It Makes Cents

With the current headlines being dominated by the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank, it seems apt to share this recent coding mistake I made with floating point numbers.

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Writing Code with AI Examples

Having a conversation with ChatGPT can be fun, but it will quite often tell you confidently something you know to be gibberish.

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Displaying Relative Time for a Static Site

Calculating relative dates in JavaScript to display on statically generated sites, including those built with Eleventy - like this one.

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Getting Started with AI

Tips and Resources for AI Beginners.

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Ruby-on-Rails Conditional Validation

How to apply validation in a Ruby-on-Rails model when you don't always want it.

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